Real homes

Il modulo abitativo The home module lends itself to different housing dimensions, from a minimum of 27 sqm for two people to a maximum of 72 sqm for large family groups. The combinability of the modules allows customized solutions that can develop upward, thus obtaining extended living areas. This aggregation logic produces morphological variation, rhythms and geometric cadences that make for a pleasant and cosy perception of the living space. The interior ergonomics involve a rational structure of the environment and, despite the reduced dimensions, also takes into account perspective views that increase the attractiveness and liveability of the spaces. The layout of furnishings is designed to optimize living functionality while at the same time achieving a coherent result in terms of shapes, colours and materials that serve to increase the sensation of comfort.


A response to the housing emergency

Il modulo abitativo FLASHHOUSE è The FLASHHOUSE home module was designed and made to cope with a number of housing problems that are becoming increasingly evident not only in metropolitan areas but also in medium-small urban centres. The social relevance of such problems is clear and it manifests itself mainly in the following issues:

- Exponential growth of evictions

- Illegal building and precarious settlements

- Homeless individuals and families without housing

- Housing for low-income social strata

- Need for housing mobility

- Temporary housing for couples and students

- Temporary Housing during redevelopment