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The series A10 insulated prefabricated modular containers consist of a 15/10 mm thick galvanized steel frame and 40 mm thick sandwich panel walls (metal sheet/polyurethane/metal sheet). The A10 is the ideal product if you need to set up a building site quickly and, since it is available in pre-set configurations, it can be delivered in a very short time. The frame is available in different lengths and widths and always comes equipped with a half glass door with security bars, a sliding window with security bars and an electrical system with light point and switch, internal power outlet, electrical panel and external junction box for connection to the power grid. Configurations are available with bathrooms consisting of sink and WC or, alternatively, sink, WC, water heater and shower. Since 2010, model A10 has been available in a packaged version, like the upper-range products, in order to lower transport costs.